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Dennis G. McLaughlin III: Making a Real Difference in TX, OK, NY, MS and CA

Dennis McLaughlin: Giving a helping hand with philanthropy in Dallas, Oklahoma City, New York City and many more places to make a real change for humanity.

DALLAS, TX, US, June 24, 2019, Dennis McLaughlin has been a leader within many states as it pertains to the oil and gas industry. However, many people do not know that the McLaughlin’s family has provided scholarships for the University of Oklahoma for many years. The McLaughlin Award has provided a way for many first year students, at the University of Oklahoma, to succeed by this financial assistance. The generosity of the McLaughlin family continues to be seen in a number of ways. The Heroes Advancement Programs (HAP) is another charity to Dennis brought from a version in his head to a reality.

This charity provides hope to other veteran nonprofit charities by helping with raising funds, providing a spokesperson and mentorship. On May 10, 2019, the HAP events supported Gary

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Bartel’s nonprofit organization called Oath Inc. The focus of the event provided a platform to talk about the issue of suicide that is plaguing veterans throughout the United States. While sitting down with Dennis McLaughlin it was clear that the Heroes Advancement Programs Charity Logopassion in order to address this issue was dear to his heart. The overall funding of organizations nonprofit while sitting down with Dennis McLaughlin it was clear that the passion in order to address this issue was dear to his heart. The overall funding of nonprofit organizations continues to go down year-by-year because of a myriad of reasons. This is one of the core reasons why the need to create a national dialogue between military and non-military citizens remains critical. It is only united when we can stand together against the issues that cause problems for the heroes that laid everything on the line for our nation. Instead of creating another entity that takes away from great organizations, HAP made the decision to operate like a United Way for veterans organizations. The goal is to start in Texas and then spread to Oklahoma, Arizona and eventually the rest of the United States.
During the event Dennis McLaughlin‘s recording company, American Ark Record Company, showcased the latest single Twenty-Two with Danny Griego and featuring KP Fitz. This song is already reaching thousands upon thousands of people and it is HAP’s hope that this article will further expand the reach of this song because a majority of the proceedings is going back to soldiers who are suffering from issues dealing with suicide.

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Dennis G McLaughlin III
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Dennis McLaughlin Dallas Texas Heroes Advancement Program with Hon. Allen Clark and Alex Muse
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Twenty-Two Danny Griego KP Fitz American Ark Record Co
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Dennis G. McLaughlin:

During a career that spans over 20 years, entrepreneur and energy magnate Dennis G. McLaughlin has pioneered new technologies and advanced public and private firms via growth and acquisition. For much of his career, Dennis G. McLaughlin has worked within the natural gas industry, leading the business in start-ups and emerging technology.

Dennis G. McLaughlin was first introduced to the natural gas business in 1990 when he was hired on by Clinton Natural Gas as a Marketing Representative. Gaining the necessary foundation he needed to launch his career, Dennis G. McLaughlin was recruited by Highland Energy in 1991 to fill the role of Manager of Marketing & Transportation, a position he excelled in until 1993 when he went into business for himself. In 1993, Dennis G. McLaughlin founded Aurora Natural Gas, LLC with an initial investment of $77,000. Over an eight-year period while

Dennis G. McLaughlin served as CEO, Aurora Natural Gas, LLC flourished, earning Entrepreneur magazine’s title of one of the “Hottest New Small Businesses in America.” To bolster the performance of Aurora Natural Gas, LLC, Dennis G. McLaughlin established Aurion Technologies in 1994 to develop new technologies in natural gas and to create a low-cost telemetric meter, a device that revolutionized natural gas field data collection.

By 2001, Dennis G. McLaughlin’s Aurion Technologies was worth approximately $55 million. Resigning in 2001 from both Aurora Natural Gas, LLC and Aurion Technologies, Dennis G. McLaughlin served as CEO and Co-Chairman of Ocean Resources, Inc. from 2003 to 2005 and CEO of Blue Wireless & Data, Inc. from 2004 to 2005, as well as Chairman of Blue Wireless & Data from 2004 to 2007. Since October 2004, Dennis G. McLaughlin has overseen acquisition and development of oil and natural gas production assets as CEO and Chairman of Apollo Resources International, Inc. he also presently serves as CEO and Chairman of Evolution Fuels and Chairman and CEO of Evolution Resources, Inc.

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Dennis McLaughlin: Professional Baseball Player

Dennis McLaughlin was a fireman before he became a pro baseball player for the Braves.

Strib Winter Festival Music with Dennis Mclaughlin

At the Irish pub at the Strib Winter Festival, we got some music with Dennis Mclaughlin and friends.

Dennis McLaughlin: Making a Real Difference in Texas, Oklahoma, New York, Mississippi and California

Dennis McLaughlin: Making a Real Difference in Texas, Oklahoma, New York, Mississippi and California

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Dennis M. McLAUGHLIN (1941 – 2017): Lawyer

Spokane attorney Dennis M. McLaughlin, a downtown Spokane icon, passed away June 20, 2017, a day that dawned as warm and sunny as his personality.
Dennis ran a private law office in the Chase Financial Building and each day strolled downtown with his pipe on his way to his various coffee groups to talk WSU Cougar football, Zags basketball, business and the grandchildren.

He continued his education and graduated from the University of Idaho College of Law in 1966 and was drafted into the U.S. Army. He served as special assistant to the chief counsel of the U.S. Missile Command. He later served on the Idaho Law Advisory Council.

Denis McLaughlin: Denmark Musician

Middle aged male playing a guitar
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Band members

Shamrock have their roots in the west of Jutland where Denis McLaughlin and Svend Erik Larsen met at Tarm Folk Festival. They played as a five piece band, AKonto. They became renowned at Tarm Folk festival for the many who came to hear them. Later they founded the Duo Shamrock. Even though Denis Mc laughlin, from Derry. N.Ireland and Svend Erik Larsen, Denmark, have been playing together for 20 years, they are still elated and focused, when they come out on to the stage.

The Dennis McLaughlin History